Create and Cultivate Conference

Blog Conference, Dallas, TX

Top 10 Tips for New Bloggers

Here is what I took away from the Create and Cultivate conference I attended in Dallas last week.

1. Pre-game: Collaborate with someone you enjoy working with. For me, it's Kelly Mercure...a talented photographer with an amazing work ethic and sense of humor. As we have said before, "We have a lot of laughs...what better way to spend the day?"

2. Attend a conference. In my opinion, Create and Cultivate is the "mothership" for all bloggers and entrepreneurs. http://www.createcultivate.com/

3. Attend the conference with your best friend from High School interested in starting her own blog (well, at least that's how I did it). No one makes you feel more your "real self" like someone who has known you since age 15. "Old friends are the best friends"- Mimi. You rock!

4. Be confident and kind. This is the "big leagues" for entrepreneurs (even if you are 40+years with nothing but a new blog and a cute new necklace from Anthroplogie). Confidence and a kind demeanor go along way. You got this.

5. Listen and take copious notes. This is good stuff!

6. You always gravitate to like minded people. In a big conference room, new school, new country, or new state, things tend to work out when you find "your people". Mimi and I met two girls at the hotel, shared a ride to the conference and we felt like we had been friends for years. No matter how "grown up" you are, it's always nice to have someone to sit with at lunch.

7. Location, location, location. We chose Create and Cultivate in Dallas, Texas simply because we find the city to be ahead of the curve for fashion, friendliness and savvy business. For example, check out Highland Park Village http://hpvillage.com/

8. Don't be above the photo booth. Fake dinosaur pose, check. Rapper pose with blown up cheeks, check. Cherished photo with best friend, check.

9. Keep and attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for the information, cool gift bag, new friends, Suja Juice, and a pic with your blog idol (mine is Camille Styles). I may have been a little star struck...cue the high shoulders and nervous laugh. I hope I didn't scare her.

10. Follow up. Utilize sites like Shop Style for potential affiliates, snapchat (yeah, I am a late bloomer and I acknowledge this). Be sure to "follow" new friends and keep engaged.

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