Spotlight on Inspirit Buffalo


Brand new to Buffalo, and just in time for the Holidays. Stop in to shop, craft, or host a party...endless options.

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This side of the shop is for hosting a party or craft class. Here is how it works:

1. Get a group of friends together (the cool, extra long farm table seats 20.)

2. Have an idea of something that you would like to make, or ask the designers for some ideas and they will steer you in the right direction (we like the wine holder pictured below.) This is upcycling at its best.

This venue is perfect for any occasion. Baby showers, bridal parties, or maybe a fundraising event. Our good friend, Becca Roll, just hosted a party to benefit Lyme Disease support. 10% of the proceeds that night went straight to Lyme WNY. Great job, Becca!

The other side of the shop houses unique items for the home. You will find everything from dressers and chairs to unique gifts for everyone on your list. I may have done a little bit of Christmas shopping of my own during our visit.

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Which one of these pillows do you think came home with me?


aahhhh, the giraffe wearing red glasses, of course.


Owner, Sandy Smart, and her daughter, Lia, not only have a great eye for decorating, but are incredibly talented craftsmen. Throw in their fun, kind personalities and this welcoming have the perfect venue for your next event.


Stop in and say hello. The shop is open Tuesday-Saturday, events and classes are by appointment. 313 Cleveland Dr, Buffalo, NY 14215

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In an attempt to maintain (or more honestly, establish) a healthy lifestyle, I have found that lunch is where I tend to fall apart. Perhaps handful of grapes (truth: pretzels), or maybe a ready-made protein shake (truth: Starbucks Vanilla Latte), or possibly a yogurt with a sprinkling of granola (truth: trail mix with a spoonful of Ben & Jerry's) leave me guilt-ridden and hungry a short time later. The truth is, we all want to be healthy, but we need a little help. This morning I got up a little earlier than usual and pulled out some of our finds from the Farmer's Market this past...


Could these unassuming avocados possibly bring forth the deliciousness of chocolate pudding? Why yes they could...There are many recipes out there for avocado pudding, but this has proven to be my favorite. It's so simple and quick.


As mentioned earlier this week on Today, freshly made bread is one of the simple things that make people feel great. No carbs?? No Gluten?? It's okay- the smell of it baking is just as rewarding. Donate the bread and you make someone else's day, too!

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Now it's more than just a flower on your husband's tropical shirt.