Straight Up Now Tell Me.....Can We Really Get Tulips to Stay Straight Longer???

Or are we just havin' fun?

Here are the facts:

These beauties were purchased from Wegman's Flower Shop 3 days ago. We let one bunch do it's thing, natrally. For the other bunch, we tried this little trick. See the difference...


Bunch #1: Brough them home, unwrapped them, pulled off some excess leaves and popped them in some water. Here they are 3 days later. Pretty, right?


Bunch #2: Brought them home, unwrapped, removed some leaves, and tried this little trick. Notice how straight they are standing after 3 days. Still pretty, just a different look. To each their own!


The trick: At the top of the stem ( just below the bud ) use a pin to make three 1/4" slits around the stem. It's a simple as that. This trick is said to make the tulips stand taller and last longer.

Wegman's has several colors to choose from. Just $6 a bunch!

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Now it's more than just a flower on your husband's tropical shirt.