Trucker Hats, why you gotta be so cool?

We are digging Patagonia's hats this summer. They are all top notch, but the trucker hats have our full attention. Patagonia has accommodated any noggin size...these LoPro Trucker Hats are perfect for ladies looking for a "close fitting" trucker hat. With so many colors and designs to choose from, you are sure to find one that does the job. These are a few of our favorites!

  • redsun.jpg
  • teal.jpg
  • purple.jpg
  • redmtns.jpg

Classic is always cool. You can't go wrong with any of these hats, but we must give a shout out to the Fitz Roy Bison Trucker Hat. We are Buffalo gals, and we get that Bison are quite different (Fun Fact: Bison live in North and South America while Buffalo do roam in Africa and Asia) but at a glance they still remind us of our "City of Good Neighbors".

  • rwbbison.jpg
  • orangebison.jpg

All of the trucker hats are adjustable, so, "that's MY hat" doesn't really fly in my house (or neighborhood, for that matter.)

  • livesimplyf.jpg
  • back.jpg
  • onesizefits.jpg

There are so many more than we can mention, so check them out here:

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